We aim to do the following over this academic year:

Autumn Term

Sep           Uniform collection in 1st week

Sep           5k Challenge Yr 7-9                          

Sep/Oct     Refreshments at Open Day & 6th Form Open Day

Oct            Forum - PSHE

Nov           Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Dec           Caroling Up the Hill 

Dec           Refreshments at Winter Concert


Spring Term

Jan          Uniform collection in 1st week

Feb          Pre National Careers week – parent led sessions on different careers

Mar          Quiz Night to raise funds for 'In The Heights' performance

Mar          Fundraising for National Young Carers Day (tbc)


Summer Term

April         Uniform collection in 1st week

April         Forum - Sports Provision

May          Outdoor Event - tbc

June         Uniform collection & Yr 11 books/equipment collection

July          Uniform Sale(s)

July          Refreshments at Yr7 Induction Day





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