Do you remember being at school, wondering what career path to take?  

What would you tell your teenage self about the career you've now chosen?!

We have the opportunity to support the Hatcham College Careers Service in sharing our real-life career experience.  You can be part of an assembly, run a short workshop and / or be part of the careers fair.  For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




Thanks to the funds raised by Yr 7-9s at the 2k / 5k Challenge in September, we've purchased 2 sets of kits for the school football teams.  They'll be looking like true pros in their Hatcham branded shirts, shorts and socks, so here's hoping for a successful season!


Forum October 2021: PSHE  - Presentation by Hattie Nevins (Senior Teacher, Conduct & Pastoral) and Mark Kemp (Vice Principal, Learning & Progress) with an introduction from the Principal Seema Solani.  This Forum was an opportunity to hear more about the school's revised policy (previously emailed to parents) and some specific examples of initiatives that are being done at school (that our children may not tell us about at home!).  We were keen to explore this topic, in response to sexual assault and sexism in schools which came to light earlier this year.  Click here for the notes.













Uniform sales are held when we have sufficient stock - usually 3 times per year.  

Uniform can be donated in clearly marked containers in both receptions throughout term time.  Please donate bagged, washed, good condition school uniform and PE kit (including crested items, no shoes please).

Uniform is also available via


It's quick and easy to use - search for Hatcham College to get started!

Donations to Friends of Hatcham College are optional via the site.



Friends of Hatcham College raised £260 to support the young carers in Hatcham College, as part of Young Carers Week in March '22. 

Thank you to all who donated.


In July 2022 Friends of Hatcham College funded a day trip to Southend Pleasure Beach for a group of young carers from the school.  Feedback received from the students included:

"This trip has been one of the best times I've had all year"

"I enjoyed being on the rides with my friends and screaming"

 "This trip is the best trip ever and the best day ever"




Over the past three years we have given funding for supplementary items at school including:

Sports Equipment

  • outdoor table tennis tables
  • outdoor basketball hoops
  • football and rugby kits


Educational Equipment

  • laptops for the SEN department
  • books for all Year 7 pupils 
  • library seating
  • lighting for the Drama department


Activities and Other Donations

  • trips for our Young Carers
  • subsidising the cost of Year 13 leavers' sweatshirts
  • hand written thank you cards and branded pens to all Hatcham College staff

Students may drop books into the boxes marked 'LRC Book Donation Box' in the Reception area of each site at any time between 8am and 4pm.

In addition to purchasing new books with funds raised, we are making an appeal for donations of pre-loved fact or fiction books which are complete and in used but reasonable condition, suitable for secondary age students.  

In particular, the school has suggested fantasy type books for the Lower School young adult fiction and any books by new authors that parents / carers deem appropriate.




FORUM January 2021:  Student Wellbeing

Presentation by Mr Kemp (Vice Principal Learning and Progress) and Miss Brickell (Director of Inclusion) who gave a short talk about the current challenges students face, the provisions made to support student wellbeing and what we, as parents and carers, can do to help our children at home. 

Click here for the notes.